matteo pincelli

solbriller 2011
zonnebril 2011

Curriculum Vitae

2003 / 2014  Freelance storyboard artist for  MARATHON MEDIA (Paris, France).


2010 / 2014  Freelance Childrens Book Illustrator for many pubblishing Companies like:






2010  Freelance Storyboard artist  for NEONETWORK (Milan, Italy)

Freelance Lay out artist feature film “PINOCCHIO” for Enzo D’Alò and COMETA FILM (Rome, Italy)


2009 / 2010  Character Designer for DEMAS AND PARTNERS (Milan, Italy)


2008 Freelance Storyboard artist for Xilam Animation (Paris, France)


2007 Director, Character designer, for NEONETWORK (Milan, Italy)


2006 Freelance Lay-out artist on animated feature film “DODO” for CARTOON FILM/ WARNER BROS (Berlin, Germany)


2004 / 2005 Freelance Character designer and Storyboard artist for CARTOON MEDIA (Rome, Italy)


2003 / 2004 Author, Co-director and Character designer on a series of animated music videos for DEMAS AND PARTNERS (Milan, Italy)


2002 Lay-out supervisor on animated feature film “GLOBI AND THE STOLEN SHADOWS” for MOTIONWORKS (Halle, Germany)


2001 Storyboard artist, Lay out Supervisor and Assistant Director on animated feature film “JOHAN PADAN A LA DESCOVERTA DE LE  AMERICHE”  for GREEN MOVIE ANIMATION (Milan, Italy)


1999 / 2000  Co-founder of STRANEMANI animation studio in Florence (Italy)


1998 Assistant animator for feature film “La gabbanella e il gatto” by Enzo D’Alò and LANTERNA MAGICA (Turin, Italy)


1997 started working in animation as

Animator for tv series “Lupo Alberto” for THE ANIMATION BAND (Milan, Italy)




Good knowledge of written and spoken english and french


Software used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Toom Boom Storyboard Pro, Adobe After Effect.